Please stay tuned for our next jazz tune .. it's really cool!


These are some of the songs we've written and performed. The influences are jazz fusion. Although, we can write in a variety of different styles .. this is our favorite style. Click on the hyperlinks below to hear the MP3s. These are high quality MP3s, so they may take a little while to download.

In Good TIme: A moving ballad sung by the wonderfully gifted and versatile Nicole Willard

I Think You Will: A blues piece also sung by the talented  Nicole Willard. This song is still in the Broadjam top ten (in several categories).

Haight Street: Features the tasty licks of Charley Langer on sax and horn, Ed McGlaughlin on 5 string fretless, Jeff Markham on Rhodes and Frank Basile on drums. This song has been on the top ten on Broadjam for over 12 weeks.

It's About You: Features Sowande Brown-Lawson on vocals, Jeff on Rhodes & Hammond and Mark Morris on guitars.

5:30 Friday: Features Ron Wikso on drums, Mark Morris (guitar), Ed McGlaughlin (fretless), Charley Langer (sax, horns), Jeff on Rhodes

Telegraph Avenue: Jazz tune feature the tasty licks of Charley Langer and Mark Morris .. grounded by the wonderfully beefy upright played by Ed McGlaughlin

Home At Last: Is mostly a piano piece but features Frank on percussion and Kaleb James (vox), Jeff (piano)

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